Expert medical testimony is often given by an expert medical witness, typically a physician or doctor. The doctor must have education, experience, or training that is relevant to the medical area involved in the case. According to US Legal, the expert must hold knowledge about this particular field of medicine and healthcare well beyond the knowledge of an average person.

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Navigating the medical or legal system can be a frustrating experience even if you're well and whole. Navigating both systems at once can be a frustrating, demoralizing, and discouraging experience whether you are the injured party or a family member supporting a loved one. Nobody should be made into a professional patient when trying to obtain fair compensation.

Whether it's looking for fair compensation after an accident or seeking redress for malpractice, misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, or wrongful death, getting the testimony of an expert medical witness may be the best...

Diagnostic Ultrasound

When it comes to offering diagnostic imaging services, patient and provider safety are always the top priority. Maintaining safety throughout the evaluation and diagnostic processes is key to keeping the patient comfortable enough to get accurate readings and results.

Here are some crucial factors in providing a safe, beneficial ultrasound experience to every consumer you serve:


Every Halloween, there are news accounts of adulterated food items turning up in children’s trick-or-treat bags. Historically, it has been common practice for some Neighborhood Associations, church groups, and school organizations to sponsor Halloween parties as a safe alternative to door-to-door trick-or-treating. As far back at the 1970’s, for the same reason, it has been routine for some community hospitals, chiropractic offices, medical groups, and public health clinics to offer the free x-raying of Halloween candy. Competition in the healthcare marketplace has caused some facilities...

Traumatic myositis ossificans

Traumatic myositis ossificans circumscripta represents a localized, ossified response to an acute or chronic avulsion injury. In many instances of spontaneous occurrence, trivial injury may pass unrecognized. The ectopic bone may lie parallel to the shaft of the patient bone, or along the muscle axis within the fascial plane(1). Avulsion fracture, especially of apophyseal centers, often permits these fragments to grow and mature as separate bones. These separate bones persist into adulthood and are readily identified on x-ray.