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How an Improper X-Ray Diagnosis Can Hurt You

When you come in for a consultation with your doctor, you may be asked to get an X-ray examination. X-rays are a kind of imaging exam that doctors use to diagnose a patient. This test is also used to monitor and treat a number of medical conditions.

Why Do You Need One?

If you are in pain or discomfort and the doctors are having a difficult time diagnosing your symptoms, then your physician will recommend that you receive an x-ray. This test can help check for medical conditions such as digestive problems, infections, fractures, osteoporosis, blockage in your blood vessels, an enlarged heart, tumors in your breast, cancer in your bone and more. Once the x-ray helps your doctor make an accurate diagnosis, you can start receiving proper treatment.

What Can the Wrong Diagnosis Do?

If you receive the wrong diagnosis, though, that could compromise your health and make everything much worse. It could lead to complications that could have life-long consequences for you, such as severe liver damage. This can provide you with grounds to file for a case or sue the doctor, medical staff, or healthcare facility that made the diagnosis. Before you can proceed, though, it is essential that you find a diagnostic expert to provide you with expert medical testimony in Phoenix.

How Do You Find the Right Expert?

Start with research. Check out local diagnostic imaging experts. Take a long look at their credentials. Are they qualified to help you? Do they have the expertise and experience to give you the assistance you need? What kind of services does the company specialize in? Look at the logistics too. What are the company’s office hours? Is it near enough? Make an appointment to learn more.

Should You Get a Second Opinion?

If you have doubts about the accuracy of diagnosis, then it won’t hurt to get a second opinion. Always stay on the safe side by making an appointment with a diagnostic imaging professional for an x-ray second opinion in Phoenix. If you get the same results, then you can confidently proceed with the treatment. However, if the second diagnosis proves that the first one was incorrect, then you avoided a bad situation.

If you need any help with a diagnosis or medical testimony, reach out to Diagnostic X-Ray Consultation Services for expert medical testimony in Phoenix.