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Improve patient care with expert diagnostic imaging interpretation

With nearly 30 years of experience in image reporting, numerous patients, medical professionals, out-patient clinics and hospitals have benefited from Dr Gary Longmuir’s formal written narratives. Both residency trained and board certified in radiology, he was among the first members of the profession to complete an MRI and CT Fellowship. Additional training in diagnostic ultrasonography and a PhD in Public Health epidemiology have made Dr. Longmuir an asset to the chiropractic and medical communities.

Dr. Longmuir has lectured to dentists, medical physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths, and nurse practitioners across the US and Canada. Topics have included radiation health safety, normal radiographic anatomy, and the pathophysiology of fractures, tumors, normal variants, tumor-like processes, arthritides and metabolic diseases on plain film x-ray, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound, and other advanced imaging modalities.

Quality patient care is supported by the timely and accurate interpretation of diagnostic imaging studies. A second opinion defrays malpractice liability, saves valuable clinic time, supports interprofessional communication, fosters a deeper patient understanding, and provides peace of mind. The accurate reporting of film findings, impressions and evidence-based recommendations help your office attain the higher standard of care your patients demand. In addition to their diagnostic content, Dr. Longmuir’s reports help facilitate interprofessional referral and provide quality control advice

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