Better care with a residency-trained and board certified chiropractic radiologist

  • STANDARD OF CARE - Expertly prepared radiology reports are the standard of care in other health disciplines. Your patients are entitled to that same standard.
  • PEACE OF MIND - Missed radiographic findings are among the most common reasons for malpractice claims. If you are going to be hit by a car while crossing the street, you are going to be hit by a car you didn't see. Get a second opinion.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT - Having your radiology reports dictated by a DACBR allows you to concentrate on patient care, increasing office efficiency. A professional report will be in the file when requested or subpoenaed by an attorney, insurance carrier or examining agency.
  • PROFESSIONALISM - Radiographic reports increase the level of professionalism and credibility in your office. Patients are confident they are receiving a thorough evaluation of their condition.
  • CONVENIENCE - Studies can be sent to our office either digitally or via the U.S. Postal Service, and we pay the return postage.
  • BILLING ARRANGEMENTS - Private pay accounts receive a professional discount when payment accompanies film studies to our office.

Is referral paperwork needed to get started?

Referral and authorization forms can be downloaded from the Getting Started page. Completed clinical information is necessary for a thorough and accurate film interpretation. Our office cannot render care or forward a radiographic report to an attorney or insurance carrier without the patient's written authorization. Please have your patient sign our authorization form in both areas as indicated.

How will I receive my completed report?

Reports can be faxed, emailed or sent via return mail, at your discretion. If there is a film finding that demands your immediate attention, Dr. Longmuir will contact you right away by telephone. STAT reads are performed when indicated.

"I had x-ray and advanced imaging classes as part of my chiropractic college curriculum." How common is it for a chiropractor in patient practice to miss a significant film finding?

Dr. Longmuir has been in full-time interpretation practice since 1987 and reports an average of two missed fractures and one missed neoplasm per week.